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About Acupressure Institute

In India, Dr.Attar Singh opened Acupressure Health Centre in 1975. Dr. Kalyan Singh (brother of Dr. Attar Singh) remained associated with Dr.Attar Singh right from the inception of the institute. Being the premier institute in this field, the centre has made tremendous contribution to familiarize and popularize Acupressure in almost all parts of the country. Significantly, thousands of persons suffering from different diseases (particularly Cervical-spondylosis, Back-legs-knees pains, Migraine, Digestive System problems etc.) belonging to all stratus of society including men from medical profession, coming from various parts of India and abroad have taken treatment at the centre during the last thirty years to their great satisfaction. It was indeed a unique experience for every one to get speedy cure without medicine for a number of chronic problems. A number of patients suffering from Cervical Spondylosis, Back–legs-knees pain, Migraine and Digestive System problems have got relief of their problems.

Above all, the centre has been instrumental in imparting guidance to a large number of persons in medical profession and others to open Acupressure Treatment Centre in their respective areas. It is due to the strenuous efforts of this institute and many other devoted and dedicated persons and institutions that Acupressure is now being considered as an effective method of healing for many minor and major ailments.

It would be pertinent to point out that like other systems, Acupressure too has certain limitations but by all considerations it is a marvelous system. It however needs yet greater research, patronage and promotion to make it more effective for the welfare of humanity.
Encouraged by the persistent demand from many educated unemployed persons and medical practitioners from different parts of the country and abroad, Acupressure Health Centre at Chandigarh was converted to National Institute of Acupressure Research,Training and Treatment .Though the institute is making every endeavor for the advancement of this system, but it is equally the responsibility of all nature cure upholders to work zealously in their respective areas for the promotion of this system in the wider interest of health for all. So, besides treating the patients, Theoretical and practical Training is also given. A good number of persons living in India and abroad (Canada, U.S.A., Switzerland, Australia, Newzealand, England etc.)have learnt Acupressure from this institute.

The aim of the acupressure institute is to sincerely treat the patients and to train maximum number of persons so that the system could expand in the right direction.


The training institute is situated in Kothi No.1469, Sector 42-B, Chandigarh, near Government Dispensary. Local Bus Service, from Bus Stand Sector 17 to Bus Stand Sector 43, is available at very short interval . By boarding bus, one is to get down at the crossing of Sector 42 market which is next to the Attawa Crossing. From there, the institute is at a distance of hardly 200 yards. Auto-rickshaws are also available at the Bus Stand Sector 17 at charges of Rs.10/- per passenger.

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